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English Horn (Cor Anglais) Reeds

I've been making a lot of english horn reeds lately.  I have used the beautiful Chinese reeds for many concerts in the past few years because I've been trying to perfect my own reed style.  

I'm now making a much longer reed from tip to end of staple.  I tie the blank on the staple as high as it will go without having a gap in the sides (although this gap can be covered with PTFE tape or cling film).  

I highly recommend making a fairly hard reed but it must be balanced so that the tip is thin enough.  A little cane off at a time is better for EH reeds.  Let the reed mature on your drying rack for another day before scrapping too much off.

I also recommend playing on the very tip of the reed.  I find that my intonation is much better when I do this.  But again, the reed must be strong and well balanced.  Dynamic control is much easier when playing on the tip with a harder reed.

Let me know if you agree or not - I welcome comments or suggestions :)
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